Start All Over Again

•11 December, 2010 • 1 Comment

At 8.30 this morning a very nice man called Colin knocked on my door with a very big package!  It put a very big smile on my face…

Item 2 on my “40 for 40” list is to run for 30 mins without stopping.  (It’s also the initial reason this blog started!)

I have been plodding in the mornings mostly, but I’m needed a bit earlier at work at the moment, and the early early mornings are just too cold to venture out from under my duvet let alone go for a plod.   Plus last week there was snow on the ground.  And it’s still cold.   And I’ll find any other excuse possible not to plod in the cold, so what better way to keep up the plodding than to do it indoors.

I don’t belong to a gym (as it’s usually closed by the time I get home, and I don’t really like them) so I thought I’d get a treadmill at home instead.  That way I can plod any time I like.  And, this isn’t going to be some expensive clothes dryer…oh no!  I’ve done the sensible thing, and I’ve hired it for 8 weeks.

Here is the big package Colin brought for me...

I think in that time, I should be back to fitness and heading towards that dream of 30 mins without stopping…  and hopefully the spring will start springing and I’ll be able to plod outside a bit more again.

Other items on the 40 for 40 list are coming along nicely.   I’ve signed up for email notification of the new season at the Globe for Item 24.  I’ve also pre-bought vouchers for two other ‘Beauty Treats’ for Item 8. And my December Treat of a mani/pedi is booked for next Sunday, so that my tooties look pretty for Christmas.

Now, I’m off to do my first indoor plod…  hope I don’t fly off the back of the treadmill like some bad youtube video!


P.S. If you also want to hire a home plodding machine, I hired mine from Home Fitness Solutions I’m sure Colin would be happy to hear from you too!

Maybe I’m Amazed

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I’ve added something to the list, and despite saying I wouldn’t, I’ve had to delete something too.

Firstly, the item I’ve added is to do the maze at Hampton Court.  I’ve wanted to wander around that for years – ideally with a helium balloon on a long string, just because I think that would be funny to view from the outside of the maze – but with or without, that’s one for the summer.

Now, the thing I’ve deleted is “sleeping under the stars”, as I remembered that I have actually already done that.  And as you know this was supposed to be a list of things I’ve never done.  So under those rules I’ve removed it.

Right, off now to find a beauty treatment before Christmas…  one of my ‘one a month’ (Item 8).

I fancy a luxury mani / pedi…



Taste It

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Last night it was my Birthday dinner with my Parents.  I didn’t know where I was being taken, but I was told we were going out, and that it would be somewhere nice.  That means posh.  Getting dressed up.  And having a VERY nice dinner.

At a little after 6pm we piled in the car and started another magical mystery tour.  Driving through the beautiful countryside we went past several very lovely restaurants, my Mummy giggling in the back of the car “nope, we’re not going to there…” as we swished past.

Eventually after about 40mins we drove up towards some very impressive gates, marking the entrance to the beautiful Brocket Hall.  Dinner was to be at the Michelin Star Auberge du Lac.

After being shown to our table, Daddy ordered a bottle of my favourite Champagne to start the evening. With a few scrumptious Canapés we chose from the mouthwatering menu.

I decided to start with the Teal, as I’ve never had it before.  It was described on the menu as “A Pot Roast Teal, Soft Poached Egg Yolk, Enoki Mushrooms & Walnut”.   It was delicious!

Then after a delightful Amuse Bouche, I had the Sea Bass.  “Poached Fillet of Line Caught Sea Bass, Marinated Baby Cucumber, Buttered Winkles, Radish & Sauce Diable”  A-MAZE-ING!!!  And we shared some veg between us.  I say veg, this is more that just your average veg, this is Auberge du Lac veg…  Honey Roast Root Vegetables, Brussel Almond & Redcurrant Fricassée, and Creamed White Cabbage Caramelised Onion & Pancetta.  Yum!

Stuffed to my ribs, I managed to force a desert (it didn’t take much) of homemade Ice Cream.  Probably the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever had.

Over coffee, the ladies were brought a selection of hand crafted chocolates, which were presented in a tiny embossed box to take home. Delightful!

And then, to top it all off, just as we were about to depart, a huge firework display started.  Ok, so it wasn’t officially for me, but it couldn’t have been better timed or more beautiful.  I was smiling from head to toe.

All in all – I had a fabulous evening.  I’m so very lucky and I’ve got amazing parents…  And without knowing they helped complete another of my 40 for 40 list.  “Number 37. Eat at a Michelin Starrred Restaurant.”  Done!

I’m off to pat my very full but very satisfied stomach now…


In My Life

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Hmmm, writing a list of 40 things I’ve never done is actually much harder than I first thought.  Although there are lots of things I’d like to do, I’m not a millionaire nor do I have an infinite amount of free time, so I’ve had to be very considerate about some items.  I’m not trying to limit the list exactly, but I’m aware that time and money do come into this, so I’ve selected things that I feel are plausible options over the next twelve months.  The eagle eyed of you will also notice that the list is also only 36 items long at the moment.  That’s because I have allowed myself 4 things to add throughout the year (one for every decade if you will).

And, rather proudly,  I’ve already completed the first item on the list.

1.       Have fireworks on my birthday

Ok, that is maybe a little bit unfair as I knew when I started the list that I was going to have fireworks on my birthday as I’d already bought them and organised for Debs, Liz and Jude to come around and share the evening with me.  But that has been a dream for years and it’s finally happened.    Growing up, we often had fireworks for my Brothers birthday as his is on 6th Nov, so always linked in nicely with Bonfire Night.  I know we had sparklers on mine, but don’t ever remember a full firework display…  I might be wrong, I’ll have to check with my parents, but I love fireworks and was really happy having them on my 40th!  So, Item 1.  Done!

I’m also not wasting any time in getting going.  I’ve booked and paid for Item 4 on the list.   Have a Colonic.  Set for Jan 21st…   Hmmm, I’m slightly having second thoughts about that now.   But I said no changing the list, and it’s on there so I’m going to have to do it.  Oh, and dear reader, please don’t worry – I’m not going to be posting pictures of everything on the list!

And, to top all that, I am the luckiest girl with the most wonderful wonderful friend, as Liz has said for my birthday present she’s taking me for a weekend in Milan!  How amazing is that?!   So it looks like Item 22 is going to happen too!

All this and I’m only two days into the year.    Wow!

Let’s hope this momentum continues…

Fizz, Fancies and Fireworks

•21 November, 2010 • 1 Comment

Nothing to do with plodding this time…  Instead it’s all about Me, Me, Me!

Friday was my birthday, and it was a biggy.  So I had a few friends around to help me celebrate with Fizz, Fancies and Fireworks.

Here are a few pics and a video.  Enjoy!


See You When You’re 40

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  1. Have Fireworks on my birthday
  2. Run for 30 mins without stopping
  3. Have a full body massage
  4. Have a Colonic
  5. Own a pair of brand new Manolo Blahnik Shoes
  6. Go skinny dipping at midnight
  7. Go to a Karaoke Bar and sing in public
  8. Have a professional beauty treatment once a month (excluding haircuts)
  9. Fall in love
  10. Go to a betting shop and place a bet on the horses (Grand National or Derby)
  11. Have dinner at The Ivy
  12. Gallop on Horse back along a beach
  13. Take a surfing lesson
  14. Visit the Louvre
  15. Do something ‘cultural’ every month – museum, theatre, exhibition etc
  16. Stay in a top London hotel for a night, just because…
  17. Watch the Godfather film
  18. Go skiing
  19. Sleep under the stars Do the Maze at Hampton Court
  20. Have a night at the opera in style
  21. Ride a giant rollercoaster
  22. Have a weekend in Milan
  23. Send a message in a bottle
  24. Visit the London Aquarium
  25. Watch a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre
  26. Have afternoon tea at the Ritz
  27. Learn to make my own Pasta
  28. Take a Yoga Class
  29. Go in a Floatation Tank
  30. Swing on a Flying Trapeze
  31. Go to a strip club
  32. Give a Male stranger my phone number, no talking first (he must be cute!)
  33. Say hello to 100 strangers on a bridge in one day
  34. Make a Photo board of the happy times from childhood till now
  35. Go Commando
  36. Fly a kite on Hampstead Heath
  37. Eat at a Michelin Starred Restaurant
  38. This one shall remain secret for the year…

(Updated list – Item 19 – See Maybe I’m Amazed)

40 for 40

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Tonight the early celebrations for my birthday began, which is actually next Friday, on the 19th, but my lovely friend Shaheen isn’t able to make it next week so instead we’re doing what we usually do, having a Chinese meal in Chinatown at our usual restaurant eating our usual meal, only this time it’s her treat.  Two diet cokes (mine without ice) a bottle of Rose, Crispy Aromatic Duck and Pancakes with Hoi sin sauce for starter, then Chicken and Cashews in Yellow Bean sauce, Sweet and Sour King Prawn Hong Kong style, Special Fried Rice and Chicken Chow Mein.  It’s exactly what we always order, and we do what we always do.  Fill up on pancakes then hardly touch the main course, meaning one of us gets to take home a ‘doggy bag’.  Tonight is actually Shaheen’s turn to take the remnants of our meal, but very graciously, as its sort of nearly-ish my birthday, she’s making me take the leftovers.  I’m not arguing!  Nom nom nom!

We have our usual catch up, gossip and news updates, having been friends for years, although we haven’t seen each other for months, we happily share our news.  She’s a Mum, I’m not.  She’s at home with her beautiful daughter, I’m at work, working too hard.  We talk about boys, work, family, money, life, boys, problems, tax issues, boys…  I love our nights out and wish they could happen more often but understand that life sometimes just gets in the way.

As we go through, our stories come to the point where we talk about our ‘Glum Hole’.  And no that’s not a euphemism for something naughty.  The Glum Hole is somewhere you go when you’re feeling glum, but not what a doctor would officially term as depressed.  We’ve both had a rough couple of years for various reasons, and have both had a bit more time in the glum hole in recent months than we should have.  Talking about this reminds Shaheen of another friend of hers that had decided to start one of her birthday years doing things she had never done before, and that’s where this latest chapter in the life of  Blobby Jogger begins.

I’m about to turn 40.  I don’t feel 40.  I (hope I) don’t look 40.  But I’m allowing and have allowed my life to turn my into 40.  So, instead of becoming old before my time, I had a thought.  Why don’t I do 40 things over the next year that I’ve never done before?  40 for 40.  Here we were, in an albeit delicious Chinese rut, not letting ourselves live our lives to the fullest, when we really could…  I earn good money (when I’m working), I am an independent, single, competent woman.  Time to break out from behind the walls I’ve been layering up around me and do things that I’ve often thought I’d like to do.  They don’t all have to be huge ground breaking things, some can be just for fun and take 10 minutes.  Others can be big works of planning and preparation.  But I must have never done them before.  And I’ve got to do 40 of them on or by 18th November 2011.

So I decided, on the 73 bus journey home, that there should be categories of the 40 for 40 items.  I wasn’t sure if there should be 12 of them, one category each month, or 4, one per quarter, or just a general round-up of things.  I decided to go for the general round-up, after all this challenge is about breaking down the brick wall, not building another neat one alongside it.

So, drum roll please.  The 40 for 40 Challenges are going to fall into the following categories:







And whatever else I want to do.  It’s my list, I can do what I want!

The list of challenges doesn’t have to be done in any particular order, and they can be repeated as many times as necessary to fully achieve them.  If at first you don’t succeed etc etc… but I have to do them.  No backing out.  No changing the list – except in extreme circumstances.

I now have 7 days in which to come up with my 40 for 40 list.  I’ll see you in a week…


Maybe Tomorrow…

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OK, so I didn’t quite make it for Juneathon, but I have been doing something.  Honest!

As some of you will remember this whole plodding lark started early last year when I was feeling very blobby and extremely unfit, and so I decided that maybe taking to the streets was a good idea.  Then I realised that taking to the streets could be misinterpreted so decided to start a plodding plan with the hope of doing a 10k.  I failed.  Rather, my back failed me. 

Just a few short weeks before raceday, I was happily doing some gardening when the elastic band in my back broke and I had to spend one week lying on the floor followed by several weeks of Osteopathy. 

By the time I was better, it was a gazillion degrees outside, so there was no-way I was going out plodding!  Also I was extremely busy at work working up to 18hrs a day 7 days a week, and quite frankly I was bloomin’ knackered.  So the plodding stopped. 

Fast forward to December ’09 when the job from hell ended and I was too bloomin’ knackered to leave the house for nearly a month, so the plodding still did not return to my life.  I kept waking up and looking at the trainers laying almost forgotten and dusty in the corner of my room and thinking, maybe tomorrow, but I just couldn’t manage it.  Then, just to add insult to laziness, I became ill and wasn’t allowed to exercise (under doctors orders) for three months, so once again returned to being the blobby person I was at the start of ’09!

However, light was at the end of the tunnel.  In May, I got the all clear to start moving my now rather large blobby body again, and after a glass of wine with another blobby friend, an upgrade to an iPhone, a download of one of the Couch to 5k plans, and a bit of pop music, the plodding began again.  Yay!

I didn’t take part in Juneathon as I wanted to ease myself back into this exercise lark quite gently, (congrats to all that did though!) and can now happily confirm that we have managed to plod around our local park at least three times a week, since then.  Sometimes it’s just been a ploddy walk, but others I’ve actually managed to plod propper.

It’s a slow process, but I’ll get there.  Although I’m not entering myself for any competitions or proper runs for a while…  don’t want to tempt fate too much!

So, there we are.  All up to date.  The BlobbyJogger returns – albeit one step at a time!

Until the next time


Back In The Saddle Again

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Anyway…  ahem, as I was saying… 

Um, sorry about ‘slight’ pause in transmission folks, I haven’t forgotten you all, and you’ll be pleased to note that the BlobbyJogger will be returning shortly.  Just in time for Juneathon…  possibly!

Watch this space…

Until the next time


Juneathon – Day 24 to 30

•1 July, 2009 • 3 Comments

Well, I ended Juneathon in a bit of a sweaty puddle. 

Day 24 – Was supposed to go for a plod in the morning, but due to my friend being unemployed at the moment, and me being terrible in the mornings, we decided to wait until I came home from work to plod.  Silly idea.  It was so hot and sticky.  Still, plod we did – for 23 mins. 

Day 25 – Yoga today.  Kept it nice and easy, doing the Dummies DVD again… 

Day 26 – Just a walk today.  After being taken for a very delicious posh lunch by a Post Production House, I decided that walking part of the way home was a good idea.  I managed about 15mins before realising that I was supposed to rush home to jump in the car and go away for the weekend.  Doh!

Day 27 – Um, well, I errr, didn’t do anything.

Day 28 – See above.  Whoops!

Day 29 – Plodded.  15mins.  Very hot.  Very Sticky.  Very ugh…

Day 30 – Juneathon ended with me doing nothing.  The final day and I just couldn’t force my body to do a thing.  What a failure.  


So, Juneathon 2009 is over.  I’ve done more exercise of different varieties that I would have done otherwise.  I’ve certainly enjoyed most of it, but the heat has made things a little trying…  Will I do it again?  I’ll tell you in 335 days…

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