Forward Looking Back

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I’m now six months into this year of challenges and nearly half way through the list, and the merry month of May has been a busy and slightly ‘foodie’ one on the 40 for 40 front, as I’ve successfully and happily managed to tick off five more items.  After finishing April in a state of Zen following the at home massage, the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend was just as peaceful and relaxing, in readiness for a busy month ahead.

The first weekend of the month being spent on Item 27 – Learn to make my own Pasta.  I headed off to join 24 other eager students under the excellent tutorship of  MaryJo and her amazing team at Gastro School where we were to learn how to make our own pasta dough, and from that, some delicious ravioli.   Grouped in small teams of three or four, we were clearly shown step by step how to mix and kneed the dough to perfection before leaving it to ‘rest’ while we created our stuffing of Butternut Squash and Amaretto.  Every step was very clearly demonstrated to us all before we returned to our tables to try to replicate what we had just been shown.  Despite most not knowing anyone else in the class, before long we were all chatting and laughing together – a great compliment that we all felt so relaxed under MaryJo’s helpful gaze.  And when the instruction was done, and the ravioli made, we got to eat our work – and it was delicious!  Of course I ran home to look for pasta machines on Ebay – this is a dish I will absolutely be making again.

On 12th, it was off to Liz’s for a ‘surprise’ birthday dinner.  I say surprise, she knew something was happening but didn’t know who was turning up.  From 7.30pm friends arrived loaded with dishes of food and bottles of booze, helping the Birthday Girl celebrate in style.  Balloons were blown, cake eaten and lots of laughter had.  Happy Birthday Liz!

On 14th I met up with Debs to ‘assist’ her in her training to climb Mount Kenya later in the year.  Really, we just went for a lovely long walk through the wonderful Parkland Walk, from Highgate down to Finsbury Park, following a disused Railway Track.  Now, I’ve lived in London for over twenty years, five of those in Highgate, and fifteen near the Finsbury Park area and I never knew this wonderful walk existed.  If you’re not sure where you’re looking it’s a little hard to find at first, as we found out having wandered around for about 15 mins before we found the entrance, but once you’re in, it’s an absolute treat.  We did plod through the 8km trail we took quite quickly as it was supposed to be a training mission, but I’d highly recommend this little gem for a lazy Sunday afternoon stroll if you’re a local.  Of course we undid all of our good work and calorie burning by the time we got to mine by heading out for dinner and drinks at my local.  Oh well, I’m not the one walking up a mountain!

A quick Mani Pedi was had on 16th (Item 8 – Have a professional beauty treatment once a month), in readiness for another big one from the 40 for 40 list.  Item 22 – Have a weekend in Milan.  As some of you may remember, lovely Liz surprised me on my birthday with flights to Milan, and after a bit of diary jiggling, we headed off a week after her birthday so that we could both be celebrating throughout the trip.  Flying out on Thursday afternoon we arrived in Milan just in time for an Aperitivo, a traditional drink before dinner with a few delicious munchies provide by the bar.  A tradition of which I was very happy to partake!  Then off in search of a proper pasta dinner, we stumbled across a great restaurant not far from the hotel where we stayed and enjoyed our meal with a bottle of local wine.

An early rise on Friday as we took the 9am train and headed up to Lake Como and Bellagio for the day – Clunting as I decided to call it – or Clooney Hunting for the more polite.  Sadly we didn’t find him, but we did have an amazing day.  The sun shone as we took the lazy two-hour boat trip to Bellagio where we wandered the cobbled streets, ate the freshest of salads (then had a Gelato to stop it from being too healthy!), then back to Como for more exploring, another aperitivo and a simply outstanding dinner – so good we had to have seconds.  All washed down with Prosecco of course!  The train was delayed by 50 mins on the way home, but sitting outside the station at 10.30pm at night in just our shirt sleeves listening to the cicadas chirp, just made it feel so relaxing and very much a holiday.

Another super early start on the Saturday to see the main attraction.  DaVinci’s “The Last Supper”.


Booked three months ahead, we made our way to the Santa Maria Delle Grazie the small unassuming church where this stunning artwork lives.  Allowing just 25 people at a time, through two air locked temperature controlled rooms to bring our temperatures and humidity down, we were allowed inside the chapel.  I’m not sure why but I had a vision in my head that it was a large painting on a wall around 3m x 2m.  I had no idea it was so big (it is actually 8.7m x 4.5m), and in person, so impressive.  Despite hundreds of years of abuse, including a door being knocked through the bottom of the painting where Jesus’ feet would once have been, it still gave us both shivers as we stepped in front of it.  A guide gave us the story of how it came to be, what it symbolised, as well as why it’s not actually Mary sitting next to Jesus (as any DaVinci Code reader would think – and I still believe it looks like a woman!) for an all too short 15 mins before an announcement is made that your time us up, and the next group must enter.  Back through another air locked room, and it’s all over – but it won’t be forgotten.  Of course we made a quick trip to the gift shop to buy a postcard or two so that we will remember this sight for years to come.  Incredible.

Back in the daylight, we explored the centre of Milan.  Castello Sforzesco (the Castle), Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II (a church like shopping mall for all the REALLY expensive shops), Teatro alla Scala,  lunch (pizza and prosecco), the rooftop of the Duomo, inside the Duomo, Quadrilatero D’oro (more designer shops), Cafe Covo (for the most expensive cup of tea ever), another Gelato from Grom (if you’re ever in Milan be sure to find it – best ice cream EVER!) and a slow walk back to the hotel for a quick rest, then out for our final dinner of yet another plate of fantastic homemade pasta and of course more prosecco.  A couple of hours shopping on Sunday morning finished off our trip before we wandered with our suitcases back to Stazione Centrale to get the bus to Linate Airport heading home.  An amazing trip with a fabulous friend.

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View a few more of my photos here.

Back in Blightly and there was just time to squeeze in two more items from the 40 for 40 list before month’s end.  Item 29 – Go in a Floatation Tank.  I actually bought a voucher through KGB Deals for this back in December to have a full hour at Floatworks near London Bridge, but have only just got around to doing it.  Oh my!  Friday night found me heading south for my experience. One hour in total silence and darkness, floating in the small bubble type tank with not a care in the world, every muscle relaxed and calm, I will certainly be doing that again.

And Finally, Item 38 – Slice and dice like a chef.  Liz, Jude and I set off to Jamie Oliver’s Recipease in Clapham on Sunday to learn some basic Knife Skills.  Blue Plasters are provided, but luckily none of us needed any.  Arriving at midday, we washed our hands ready to get a chopping, and a dicing and a slicing like professionals.  Leigh, our chef for the day, gathered us all around to show us what to do, and how to do it safely, before we headed to our own stations to chop and slice up various ingredients to make ourselves a meal.  Step by step we started, slowly at first, before the movement you need suddenly clicks and we were all sweeping the knife backwards and forwards, gliding through the food creating little piles of chopped up bits and pieces as if we’d been doing it for years.  A quick glug of olive oil, and a good slurp of wine served, we sat around the ‘chefs table’ to eat our seasonal Thai style salad with King Prawns.  Better still, after the session we were entitled to 10% off all products in the shop.  Bargain!

With all the fantastic food eaten this month, it’s just as well the plodding has been coming along.  Three mornings a week you may have seen me huffing and puffing around the local park… There’s still a way to go to fulfil Item 2 – Run for 30 mins without stopping, but I’m getting there. Honest!

‘Till the next time…


Magnetic North

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Until yesterday, I really wasn’t all that fussed about the Royal Wedding… Of course I wished the couple all the best, but I had no intention of getting overly excited about the event.  That was until I turned on the television yesterday morning whilst eating my breakfast, only to be thoroughly caught up by the whole thing.  What and who would Catherine be wearing?  Would she get all of Williams’ names in the right order during the vows?  Would Harry behave himself?  And oh my goodness doesn’t Pippa look amazing…!  And that was it, until the Aston Martin left Buckingham Palace with William in the driving seat, I was glued to every single moment, along with the rest of the world!  Whatever you think about the Royal Family, I do hope they’ll be very happy together.

Meanwhile back in North London, my own plans on the 40 for 40 list have been coming along.  After the long weekend in Paris, March finished quietly.  Dinner with Jude, a home-cooked supper with Liz, and another chorus of Happy Birthday sung to my eldest niece Devon celebrating her 7th Birthday, before April began and brought with it some amazing weather!

I was supposed to have started April with my monthly treat, but unfortunately the appointment had to be postponed and rearranged for another day.  However the weekend was still fantastic as having moved into her new flat at the very end of Feb, Debs had me round for dinner.  With boxes now unpacked and pictures up on the walls, and with a balcony overlooking all of London from the very top of Highgate, her new place is charming.  I hope it’s going to be a wonderful and happy home for her for the coming year.

The following weekend I was once again all ready for the monthly treat having rebooked, only to have it postponed once more!  Hmmm, not great!  Instead I raced round to Paddy Power to put a bet on the horses in the Grand National.  One of my 40 for 40 things this, as I’ve never stepped foot in a betting shop before, let alone put a bet on.  After some careful research (ie asking someone at work what horse they suggested and being thrust a copy of The Sun newspaper) I decided to go ‘each way’ with my chosen few, and put £5 each on Ballabriggs, Oscar Time and Don’t Push it.  I came home thinking that was the last I’d see of my money, and settled in to have a cuppa with my neighbour Linda, enjoying the glorious afternoon sunshine in the garden, catching up on the gossip from the neighbourhood and generally having a good old natter.  Only when I returned home at 7pm did I find I’d backed the first three horses to come in!  Beginners luck most certainly.  Those winnings were swiftly invested in another 40 for 40 item as after spending over 6 hrs in the online queue trying to get tickets, I’ll be heading to the Royal Opera House in the summer to see Madam Butterfly.  I’ve pre-ordered the Champagne…

Mid-month I was invited by Debs to join her at the Shorditch House Literary Salon – and with the promise of a free G’n’T and slice of pizza I was very happy to accept.  Sadly that was pretty much the only good thing about the evening.  As several broadsheets and magazines had plugged the thing so much it was absolutely packed the rafters, which in itself is usually a good thing, sadly it was packed with people that really weren’t interested in the topics being discussed and were obviously slightly the worse for wear from one too many free drinks.  Stood at the back, we were unable to hear most of what was being said, whilst also being pushed about by someone who thought himself very important, so we waited for the pizza, had a quick slice and took our leave, heading to the pub instead.  I won’t tell you that we were a little bit naughty before leaving, trying to get access to a loo that we shouldn’t have been allowed to use… but let’s just say being overweight and a little bit bloated sometimes has it’s advantages!

The following evening I went to a seminar with Jude about Product Placement and how it’s going to affect the TV industry now that it is allowed.  Rather badly organised, starting over 30 mins late, and with a speaker that used too much jargon, another coughing loudly into the microphone, and PowerPoint presentations that weren’t clear or readable, it wasn’t a fantastic success, although some of it was very interesting.  I don’t think it’ll affect the programmes I work on for some time, but good to know all the same.  The Pear Cider, mini sausages and chicken skewers they event organisers provided were delicious however.

Talking of Product Placement, a couple of weeks ago I was approached by the very nice people at Trion:Z to see if I’d like to test out one of their ionic and magnetic therapy Dual Loop Bracelets.  Being someone that prefers natural and complimentary health options where possible, I was intrigued to see if wearing this rather sporting accessory would actually make me feel more energised and able to train better (oh yes, the plodding is still ongoing, along with some boxing training and general workouts with my trainer).  Having measured my wrist and picked the colours I’d like (I went for a large white and pink one) it arrived the very next day.  After wearing the bracelet for two weeks – and having done a couple of sessions without it – I do think there was a bit of a difference.  Now I’m not a top athlete, in fact I’m far from it, but after cycling to and from work, doing a full on hour long workout with some boxing with my trainer, all following a busy week in the office, I still felt happy and bouncy and had a spring in my step at the end of the week.  I can’t say it has shaved any time off my plodding (or made it any more enjoyable) or made my boxing any better, but it certainly hasn’t done any harm.  Unfortunately I can’t wear the Trion:Z bracelet all day every day as it’s not really smart enough for work, but I’ll certainly slip it on whenever I’m able, and hope that I can still benefit from its powers.

Heading to the end of the month and three shorter working weeks with the double Bank Holiday weekends, I invited Ma & Pa to come and stay for the Easter weekend.  With the sun continuing to shine we took to work in the garden, cutting down several shrubs that had become trees, and two Ivy plants that had taken over nearly half of the garden.  Ten bags of chopped up foliage now sit in the front garden waiting for the Brown Bin Recycling men to come and take it all away next week.  All this work is in preparation for a bit of fancy landscaping either later in the summer or early next spring when I hope to get a patio put in so that I can enjoy the late evening sunshine at the end of the garden.  Ma and Pa were on very good form, laughing and joking whilst we chopped and chopped and chopped and chopped…

And that brings us back to today, the last day of the month.  Very shortly my monthly treat begins – rebooked and absolutely going ahead.  A two hour organic pampering package including full body exfoliation and massage – all in my own home – from the Organic Treatment Company so I expect to be totally zen and blissed out later this evening.  And I can’t wait…

‘Till the next time…


C’est Trop Beau

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March started with a song.  Unfortunately that also involved me singing, as it was the birthday of my youngest niece Charley on the 1st of the month.  I feel it’s my duty as Aunt, to phone and sing to her on her birthday.  I’m not sure she appreciated it, but as she is now 5, hopefully it will be forgotten as quickly as the wrapping paper that her gifts came in, and I haven’t scarred her for life!

Headed out for a Chinese with Lovely Liz on the 3rd for some serious Milan planning.  We’ve picked a date in May that coincides with her birthday, booked the flights and tickets for a major attraction (more about that in May) and we’re so excited.

Then came the next ‘monthly treat’ this time with a visit to Bannatynes in Russell Square for a delicious Chocolate Body Wrap.  After changing in to the fluffy bathrobe and slippers that were supplied as part of the treatment, I slipped into the treatment room to be pampered.  Starting with a full body scrub, I was then coated with a sweet-smelling concoction of chocolate and minerals, before being wrapped in plastic sheet and a thick downy duvet, whist I was then given a lovely facial while I ‘cooked’.   After 30 mins I was released from my plastic cocoon, and waddled off to the showers to rinse the chocolate off…  My skin felt so soft and smelt amazing, so much so that as soon as I’d left the Spa I headed straight to Starbucks to get a hot chocolate.  Sadly I wasn’t told that as part of the package I could have used the Spa, Sauna and Swimming Pool for the rest of the day. If I had known I would have packed my costume and hung about for a bit, sadly the paper pants provided for the treatment really wouldn’t have been suitable.  Never mind, next time…

This treat was the start of a week off work, with another yummy Chinese with Shaheen, a shopping trip in Selfridges (oops!) and a couple of days of just generally taking it easy before jumping on the Eurostar on Thursday for a long weekend in Paris so that I could fulfil Item 14 of the 40 for 40 list: Visit The Louvre.

Wow, what an amazing place!  I decided to get the headset guide and follow the well-worn path to see the main Masterpieces including the Venus de Milo, the Mona Lisa, the Galerie d’Apollon and The Winged Victory of Samothrace.   Now I’m not usually a huge museum fan, but this place is truly awesome.  After spending four hours within its walls I hardly scratched the surface of the over thirty-five thousand pieces of artwork on display.  I shall certainly be going back there one day.

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View a few more of my photos here.

Now of course you can’t visit Paris without doing some other touristy bits, so I made the pilgrimage to the top of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, walked around the Latin Quarter and Le Marais, frowned at the modern art in The Pompidou, travelled on the Bateaux Mouche, inspected the Locks of Love on the Pont Des Arts, ate crepes and croissants, and drank Champagne (bien sûr!)  and I had a brilliant few days just seeing where Paris took me, and shall certainly return.  Paris, j’adore!

Now back to reality and back to work, but with more planning and plotting for other adventures still to come.  And it’s not even the end of March!

‘Till the next time


Razzle Dazzle

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How did it get to be March already – I haven’t told you all about February yet!

First things first.  Plodding.  Hasn’t happened.  Not one single plod.  Not a step.  Oops.  However I fully intend to start again as according to the diary and the daffodils in my garden, spring is nearly here, and the weather is certainly better, but mainly because I’m a quarter of the way through this year of challenges so I really do need to get my running shoes on – pun intended.

So what else happened in February.  Well I had my monthly treat.  This month it was a delightful luxury facial with a neck and shoulder massage by the lovely Sarah at The Park Lane Hotel Beauty Room.  I headed off after work on a Friday and had the last appointment of the day and I’m so glad I did as I was so relaxed after Sarah had finished I almost fell asleep on the bus on the way home.  My skin glowed afterwards, you can’t ask for more than that!  I highly recommend heading over there if you need a treat too.

The monthly ‘culture’ visit was to the theatre with Debs.  We managed to get a couple of super cheap seats for Chicago which despite both of us knowing all the songs, we hadn’t ever seen the stage show.  Starting at Browns on St Martins Lane, a pre-theatre dinner was quickly dispatched along with a bottle of fizz, before taking our seats.

Unfortunately there were a couple of girls near us that could not keep quiet, and almost ruined the first half…  Even the management had to come and have a word with them a couple of times – they should really have been kicked out!  The show was good, even if the chap playing Billy Flynn missed his big note on every song…!  Despite the bum notes, it was a great night out.  We headed back to Browns afterwards for a pudding, and another glass of fizz finally stumbling home rather late but with a smile on our faces and a spring in our step.  Bob Fosse would have been proud!

Had a super busy weekend at the end of the month.  Starting with helping Debs move home…  one full van, three extra pairs of hands, three flights of stairs, and a bottle of fizz to celebrate and it was all done, in a super speedy two hours from door to door.  Then headed back to the homestead for Dads birthday, with a lovely dinner at one of my favourite restaurants, The Kings Head in Ivinghoe.  Super delicious.  If I could eat there every night I would.  I would look like a beached whale, but oh, it’d be worth it!  It was just a quick overnight visit, as on the Sunday Kate and I were booked into a cupcake decorating class.  Bit disappointed with that really…  If you’ve ever played with Playdough you would already have the basics down.  Not really what I was expecting but I did bring away 6 decorated cupcakes.  Two were munched almost immediately as I zipped around to Debs afterward to see how the unpacking was going.  Yum…

What else?  Well, you’ll notice from the list lots of things are booked.  Paris, Milan, Shakespeare, Pasta, Trapeze…  and lots more still to come!  March is promising to be brilliant, but I’ll tell you more about that next time.

’till then…


Wash Me Clean

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Wow, how quickly time goes by…  I can’t believe it’s very nearly the end of January already!

So, first off, the plodding has come to a bit of a halt as I managed to twist my knee walking downstairs carrying a very heavy box at work the other day.  Hopefully after few days rest and it’ll be back to normal.  I have completed week 4 of the Couch to 5k programme, and was about to head onto week 5, so I’ll probably repeat week 4 as soon as I can then head on when I can.  I’m determined that I’m going to get to plod  for 30 mins at some point, even if it bloomin’ kills me (hopefully it won’t come to that!)

Sadly the treadmill from Home Fitness Solutions goes back on Saturday, so I do hope I’ll get to use it at least one more time before it’s picked up. I’m very glad I hired it, as, although there were a couple of weeks when I didn’t use it (and I now know that I prefer to plod outside rather than in one spot in my dining room) I do feel it gave me the extra nudge to do something from time to time rather than hiding at home in the warm in front of the TV. I’ll certainly hire one again, or one of the other machines available, especially if I know I’m going to head into a heavy period at work, that way I can at least try to get some exercise, even if it is at 11pm at night.

I’ve been working on other 40 for 40 list items, booking things in, registering for details, and generally planning in advance for several other treats, cultural things, as well as some of the bigger events.  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, head over to the 40 for 40 page for the full list.

I’ve been helped out with items 17. Watch the Godfather Films as Film4 very kindly showed them all at the start of the month.  I haven’t had time to sit down and watch them yet, but they’re all saved on the Sky+ and will be viewed very soon.

In other 40 to 40 news, my Cultural event for January was a trip to see Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella at Sadlers Wells.  I managed to get one of the very last tickets for a special night presented by Mr Bourne himself, introducing some local school kids that the Company had been working with.   They’d only had a few days to put a 5 minute dance together, which was a very modern piece with some of the Company members, and they were amazing.  Every one of them looked thrilled at the audience applause when they took their bow, which was well deserved.

Then came the main event.  A retelling of the classic Cinderella story, set in a London during the Blitz.  Against Prokofiev’s score (I nearly spluffed my drink when the lady sitting next to me said that she thought it was the music from Midsomer Murders) it was another fantastic event from the team at New Adventures.  I have seen most of the works by Bourne, and this certainly had some of the same elements as others that have gone before, but to me it was still magical and delightful to watch.  I’m only sorry that the run has come to an end as I would have loved to have seen it again.

The 40 for 40 January Treat is also complete, which doubled up as number 4 on the list.  Have a Colonic.  Now, I’m not going to go into too much detail (this is, after all, a family show), but it wasn’t the most relaxing of experiences I’ve ever had…

For a start, the place I went to wasn’t quite the oasis of calm and tranquility I was expecting.  Being squeezed into a tiny room with a machine on the wall that sounded like it was going to explode any second, mixed with the rather unattractive brown towel I was handed to cover my modesty (Yes, brown!) as well as a slight dusting of shabby and grotty in equal measure, didn’t easily lead to the feeling of wellbeing I was hoping for.  However, as I’d spent an hour travelling across London to get there, there was no way I was backing out.

So, after just under an hour of, lets just say, some rather uncomfortable moments, I was able to head back home. I can honestly say that I never believed I could feel so exhausted from lying back and thinking of England.  By the time I got home 90 mins later, it was all I could do to sit on the sofa and watch the TV.  I felt extremely tired, slightly queasy, and just slightly regretful.

All that said, when I woke up the following day, I felt amazing.  My eyes were shiny, my stomach was flatter and I was 4lbs lighter, and I just felt “cleaner”.  Would I do it again?  Hmmm, I’m not sure.  Probably, but not at the same place.  I think I’d try to find somewhere that had a bit more ‘Ommmm’ and a little less ‘Ewwwww’.

’till the next time…


New Year’s Day

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Happy New Year!

I hope the holiday season was kind to you.  I had a pretty quiet one, at home with the ‘rents for a couple of days, where Santa visited (spot his footsteps in the snow) and the sun set on a lovely day,  then headed back to London for a bit of culture and the New Year Celebrations.


Santa's footsteps in the snow

Sunset over Christmas

The culture happened, sadly the New Year Celebrations did not…  Oh well.  2010 was a pretty rubbish year, ending in an almost identical way to how started…  Let’s hope 2011 is better to all of us eh?

Anyway, time to update you on the trials of the treadmill…  I’m up to week three of my Couch to 5k plan.  And yes I have been for a plod on it today!  Starting the year as I hope to go on… despite the slightly fuzzy head and limbs that would much rather be curled up under a blanket in front of the TV, I have completed another plod.  My personal best this year too!  Hehe!   And yes I realise for some of my fellow bloggers that week three of the Cto5k plan equates to just 9 mins of plodding over 30 mins which is really pretty rubbish, particularly for those fools brave enough to partake in the Janathon event, but that’s 9 mins more than I did yesterday!  Good Luck to all the Janathon-ers by the way…  I shall enjoy reading all about it.

In other 40 for 40 news, I completed my December treat and culture items from the list.  The treat you already know was a luxury mani pedi, which I had just in time for Christmas…

Ahh, pretty toes...

And the culture actually had a Brucie Bonus as I did two things!  On Mon 27th I went with Debs and Stephen to The Barbican to see the London Concert Orchestra play some of the magical movie music of John Williams.  To say we had goosebumps throughout is an understatement!  As we flew along with Superman, rode a Nimbus 2000 with Harry Potter, relived Han Solo and Princess Leia falling in love, got moved by the Memoirs of  Geisha and sighed at the sincerity of Schindlers List, it was the extraordinary emotions of E.T. that ended the evening.  Absolutely Brilliant!

Wednesday 29th, brought the Brucie Bonus.  Along with Kate G, we went to the London Science Museum.  I haven’t been there since I was around 8 years old!  It was much more interesting this time!  A gentle meander, a chat, a few buttons pressed and an amazing 3D movie at their Imax was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.  Although, next time I might try to remember to avoid the school holidays!

Right, I’m off to try to find some healthy food…  failing that, some Chocolate and Booze!

’till the next time…


Start All Over Again

•11 December, 2010 • 1 Comment

At 8.30 this morning a very nice man called Colin knocked on my door with a very big package!  It put a very big smile on my face…

Item 2 on my “40 for 40” list is to run for 30 mins without stopping.  (It’s also the initial reason this blog started!)

I have been plodding in the mornings mostly, but I’m needed a bit earlier at work at the moment, and the early early mornings are just too cold to venture out from under my duvet let alone go for a plod.   Plus last week there was snow on the ground.  And it’s still cold.   And I’ll find any other excuse possible not to plod in the cold, so what better way to keep up the plodding than to do it indoors.

I don’t belong to a gym (as it’s usually closed by the time I get home, and I don’t really like them) so I thought I’d get a treadmill at home instead.  That way I can plod any time I like.  And, this isn’t going to be some expensive clothes dryer…oh no!  I’ve done the sensible thing, and I’ve hired it for 8 weeks.

Here is the big package Colin brought for me...

I think in that time, I should be back to fitness and heading towards that dream of 30 mins without stopping…  and hopefully the spring will start springing and I’ll be able to plod outside a bit more again.

Other items on the 40 for 40 list are coming along nicely.   I’ve signed up for email notification of the new season at the Globe for Item 24.  I’ve also pre-bought vouchers for two other ‘Beauty Treats’ for Item 8. And my December Treat of a mani/pedi is booked for next Sunday, so that my tooties look pretty for Christmas.

Now, I’m off to do my first indoor plod…  hope I don’t fly off the back of the treadmill like some bad youtube video!


P.S. If you also want to hire a home plodding machine, I hired mine from Home Fitness Solutions I’m sure Colin would be happy to hear from you too!

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