Juneathon – Day 24 to 30

Well, I ended Juneathon in a bit of a sweaty puddle. 

Day 24 – Was supposed to go for a plod in the morning, but due to my friend being unemployed at the moment, and me being terrible in the mornings, we decided to wait until I came home from work to plod.  Silly idea.  It was so hot and sticky.  Still, plod we did – for 23 mins. 

Day 25 – Yoga today.  Kept it nice and easy, doing the Dummies DVD again… 

Day 26 – Just a walk today.  After being taken for a very delicious posh lunch by a Post Production House, I decided that walking part of the way home was a good idea.  I managed about 15mins before realising that I was supposed to rush home to jump in the car and go away for the weekend.  Doh!

Day 27 – Um, well, I errr, didn’t do anything.

Day 28 – See above.  Whoops!

Day 29 – Plodded.  15mins.  Very hot.  Very Sticky.  Very ugh…

Day 30 – Juneathon ended with me doing nothing.  The final day and I just couldn’t force my body to do a thing.  What a failure.  


So, Juneathon 2009 is over.  I’ve done more exercise of different varieties that I would have done otherwise.  I’ve certainly enjoyed most of it, but the heat has made things a little trying…  Will I do it again?  I’ll tell you in 335 days…

~ by BlobbyJogger on 1 July, 2009.

3 Responses to “Juneathon – Day 24 to 30”

  1. Of course you will do it again.

    Juneathon spurs us into doing ‘more exercise of different varieties’ and that makes it a very good thing.

    Well done

  2. Well done, you will indeed be doing it next year. A Juneathon’s not just for June, you know. Oh, yes, it is, isn’t it…? But it’s not only for one June, once you’re in, you’re in.

  3. Is this why it’s annual, so you have time to forget the trauma and sign up again next year? Hmmmm…

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