See You When You’re 40

  1. Have Fireworks on my birthday
  2. Run for 30 mins without stopping
  3. Have a full body massage
  4. Have a Colonic
  5. Own a pair of brand new Manolo Blahnik Shoes
  6. Go skinny dipping at midnight
  7. Go to a Karaoke Bar and sing in public
  8. Have a professional beauty treatment once a month (excluding haircuts)
  9. Fall in love
  10. Go to a betting shop and place a bet on the horses (Grand National or Derby)
  11. Have dinner at The Ivy
  12. Gallop on Horse back along a beach
  13. Take a surfing lesson
  14. Visit the Louvre
  15. Do something ‘cultural’ every month – museum, theatre, exhibition etc
  16. Stay in a top London hotel for a night, just because…
  17. Watch the Godfather film
  18. Go skiing
  19. Sleep under the stars Do the Maze at Hampton Court
  20. Have a night at the opera in style
  21. Ride a giant rollercoaster
  22. Have a weekend in Milan
  23. Send a message in a bottle
  24. Visit the London Aquarium
  25. Watch a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre
  26. Have afternoon tea at the Ritz
  27. Learn to make my own Pasta
  28. Take a Yoga Class
  29. Go in a Floatation Tank
  30. Swing on a Flying Trapeze
  31. Go to a strip club
  32. Give a Male stranger my phone number, no talking first (he must be cute!)
  33. Say hello to 100 strangers on a bridge in one day
  34. Make a Photo board of the happy times from childhood till now
  35. Go Commando
  36. Fly a kite on Hampstead Heath
  37. Eat at a Michelin Starred Restaurant
  38. This one shall remain secret for the year…

(Updated list – Item 19 – See Maybe I’m Amazed)

~ by BlobbyJogger on 20 November, 2010.

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