I Believe I Can Fly…

Hello, hope you’re well.

Just a quickie this month, as it has been all about having fun, and catching up with friends before heading off on my summer holidays.  Having worked reasonably hard last month with 17 days on the trot, it was time to catch up with a few friends for dinners, drinks and other fun things.

First off was Dinner with Kate at the Paramount Restaurant at the top of Centre Point.  It also happened to coincide with official opening of The Shard, so we really couldn’t have picked a better night to go out and have some of the best views across London.  Kate and I haven’t sat down and had a proper gossip for a long time, so it was great to finally see her and have a good natter, and the dinner was amazing.  I started taking photos of each course, but quickly forgot about that as it was so delicious I wanted to dive straight in!  Heading to the viewing platform for a drink after we’d eaten, waiting for the sun to drop and the laser show to start, we happily chatted the hours away.  Sadly the laser show turned out to be a bit of a damp squib but I still managed to get a pretty cool pic of the view with my phone…

London skyline with The Shard

The following day it was time to cash in my parents amazing Christmas present, heading to Airkix in Milton Keynes to go Indoor Skydiving with Liz. (Ah, the things I talk her into doing…!)  The journey was a bit fraught, getting caught in a massive traffic jam, but when we arrived it was all worth it.  We were taken into a room with our 2 fellow divers by our instructor, Sean.  Watching a video showing us what we were about to try certainly got the adrenalin pumping, and then being kitted up in overalls, earplugs, goggles and safety helmet brought on the jitters. We were able to watch a group of kids have a go before us, which included a tiny little chap about 5 years old…  and if he could do it, we were certainly going to give it our best shot.

The tunnel has winds of up to 150 miles per hr, so you need reasonable core control to keep yourself steady, but boy is it fun!  We each got 2 goes, trying to turn left and right, up and down, and if you’re really clever, backwards and forwards – not a skill any of us really mastered, but we gave it a go…  For a small extra charge, you can also get the opportunity to do a ‘high fly’ where the instructor takes you up into the roof of the tunnel.  Well, that looked so much fun, I had to have a go…

I Believe I Can Fly…

This video of the whole session is rather long, so if you just want to see me fly (or try) – I’m there at 2’40”, 7’40” and 11’50”.  If you really want to see something impressive, watch the instructor, Sean, at 13’15” – he’s like a real life Spiderman.  Totally Awesome!

A couple of nights later it was time to have a laugh, being fortunate enough to have managed to get some tickets to see Tim Minchin at Somerset House.  You may remember I went to see Matilda a few months ago and absolutely loved it (I want to go again), and as a big fan of Tim, it was a real treat to get to see him in person doing what he does best – play the piano and sing some funny songs.  It was a brilliant night, even if the heavens did open a couple of times, but not enough to dampen our delight…  Fondue / Fondon’t…  Still makes me giggle…

Tim Minchin at Somerset House

More culture a week later when I finally got to see Billy Elliot The Musical.  I was supposed to have gone last year but something came up at work, then had tickets to go in January but there was a meter of snow (or so it felt) and I couldn’t get there, so it really was third time lucky.  It was worth the wait!  Exactly like the film (including the sometimes ‘expressive’ language – take care if you’re taking kids) I came away once again wishing I’d kept up those tap dancing lessons years ago.  The young lad playing Billy was incredible, although I don’t think he’ll be in that part too much longer as he was obviously going through that time in his life where the voice cracking means the start of manhood.  Bless.  A brilliant night out!

Then, like the rest of the country, I caught Olympic Fever.  It started with a kiss…  a kiss of the torches that is.  Picking a spot just before Trafalgar Square, it couldn’t have been planned better.  The bus stopped and this remarkable young man stepped out, ready to do his bit.  He was so proud.  His Dad was even more so.   With amazing crowds gathered, we all gave out a huge cheer as the flame passed from one torch to another.  Go Team GB!

An Olympic Torch Carrier – a remarkable young man

The Olympic Torch – just after the kiss of flames

Mum & Dad came to visit the following weekend, to finally see the newly landscaped garden in person, and to sit in the fancy new garden chairs.  The sun shone, and the champagne flowed.  What better way is there to spend a Saturday with family?

I’ll be taking a break next month as its Summer Holiday time, but I’ll be back towards the end of September with an update.  Have a fabulous summer everyone – hope the sun shines on you wherever you are!

Till the next time…


P.S.  Thanks for all of your entries to the Zaggora HotPants competition last month.  Tthe correct entries were put intoa hat and three winners were picked out at random by KC.  Congratulations go to Catherine, Debra and Jamie.  Your details have been forwarded onto Zaggora, who should be in touch to get you your pairs soon.  x

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