Marchin’ On

Hello, its been a while.  How are you?

After all the fun of last year with the 40 for 40 challenges, you’ve probably been wondering what I’ve been up to.  Well, after returning from the States following our family Thanksgiving and finishing the most fantastic job ever just before Christmas, I’ve enjoyed a little bit of down time which is why BlobbyJogger has been a bit quiet.  I haven’t been sat at home with my feet up though.  Instead I’ve been re-vamping and re-decorating my kitchen (which was much needed), begun a new job at a new company, and have started preparation on the next major challenge I’ve taken on.  And it’s quite a challenge…

You may remember that I announced in December that I was going to be MoonWalking around London in May, by taking part in the Walk The Walk MoonWalk – doing a full marathon in a decorated bra in the moonlight, whilst raising fund and awareness for Breast Cancer, and after a bit of a slow start, I’ve started my training.

If you’ve never heard of the Walk The Walk charity or the MoonWalk before, you can find out all about it HERE at the official Walk The Walk website, or just watch this short film…

So what does my training entail? Well, quite simply, a lot of walking, or so my training pack tells me.  252 miles of walking to be exact.  It is pretty clear to me now that a few plods around the local park aren’t going to cut it.  And let’s face it, I didn’t exactly succeed in the ‘Plod for 30 mins without stopping’ part of my own 40 for 40 challenge last year, so heaven only knows how I’m going to complete a full marathon.  At night.  In a bra.  And, according to the training plan, at some point before 12 May I have to fit in around six 6 mile walks, three 7 mile walks, a 10, a 12, a 14, two 16’s and, the big one, a 20-mile-er.  That’s before I even get to the start line!  And this isn’t a gentle wander around the corner to the local shops to pick up a packet of biscuits and a pint of milk type of walking.  Oh no… This is power walking.  All arms and hips and power – apparently.

I’ve just completed Week 3 of my training and have, so far, clocked up 33 of the 252 training miles which has taken just under 8 and a half hours.  And just in case I need proof of those miles, I’ve got a massive blister on my left foot, which I’m sort of ignoring in the hope that it’ll go away.  I’ve also been getting some very strange looks as I’ve been power walking home from work (right through the middle of Covent Garden up to North London) as I think people can’t quite decide if I’m doing some kind of strangely slow jog, or just desperately need the loo…  maybe both!

Now I’m obviously doing this for fun as well as fitness (attempting to carry on with Item 40 from my list) but I’m also trying to raise funds for this amazing charity.  So, if you’re feeling generous please head over to my official fundraising page

Every penny really does make a difference and, as well as keeping me motivated throughout training, it really will help me push through to the finish line on the night.

Right, time to stock up on jelly babies, Lucozade and Compeed Blister Plasters me thinks…

Till the next time


~ by BlobbyJogger on 5 March, 2012.

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