Views from…

From time to time, I’ll share some of my snaps and videos with you.  Either from holidays, projects, or just things that make me smile.

The best way to view the slideshows are to expand them over the whole screen.  Press the play arrow to start, then you’ll be able to see a small button just below the photos, the one that looks like a box with four arrows in it (pointing to the corners).  Press that, and voila!

Then just press Esc once you’ve viewed them all.  Enjoy!

100 times HELLO

As part of the 40 For 40 challenges, I wanted to Say hello to 100 strangers on a bridge in one day… I know this seems a little odd, but it’s so rare to speak to people in London that you don’t already know, so armed with my camera I spent a chilly Sunday afternoon on Millennium Bridge, saying “Hello” to 100 people.  Nearly all very graciously said “Hello” back.  Some of them even let me take their photo.  It was a bit daunting at the start, jumping out on strangers with a quick “Hello, please can I take your photo?”, but it was so amazing when people said yes and asked me what it was for and had a little chat with me.  I only took two or three shots of each person (which is why some are a bit fuzzy).  Turns out there are some very lovely smiley people around…  thanks to each and every person who said Hello right back.


My amazingly lovely friend Liz surprised me on my 40th birthday with flights to Milan, and after a bit of diary jiggling, we headed off a week after her birthday in May – so that we could both be celebrating throughout the trip.  Here are some of the photos…


Another event from my 40 for 40 challenges was the spend a day at The Louvre, so jumping on the Eurostar on a Thursday afternoon in March, I headed off for a long weekend in Paris.  Oh la la…


Ok, this is just embarrasing, but I’ve always fancied having a go on a Flying Trapeze, so I booked myself in for a few lessons at  Aircraft Circus. I actually I managed to swing quite successfully (OK in my head I thought looked like I could join Cirque du Soleil, in reality, not so much!).  I’m too Blobby to attempt any tricks, but I didn’t do too bad with the swinging.  I couldn’t lift my arms for a week afterwards, but it was great fun!

Lesson One, Jump number Two (no footage of the first one – I wanted to make sure I didn’t end up on the crash mat in a lump first!)

And then Jump number Three.  A little better, but my goodness it is difficult!  You need great stomach muscles for this… I sadly left mine at home.

Lesson Two – Arms, Shoulders and Ribs still very much aching, so not too much progression, but timing is a little better, except at the start – Ooofff!


This time a Christmas Present – with a trip to Airkix in Milton Keynes to go Indoor Skydiving with Liz. (Ah, the things I talk her into doing…!)  The tunnel has winds of up to 150 miles per hr, so you need reasonable core control to keep yourself steady, but boy is it fun!  We each got 2 goes, trying to turn left and right, up and down, and if you’re clever, backwards and forwards – not a skill any of us really mastered, but we gave it a go…  You can also get the opportunity to do a ‘high fly’ where the instructor takes you up into the roof of the tunnel.  It looked so much fun, I had to have a go…

The video of the session is rather long, so if you just want to see me fly (or attempt to) – I’m at 2’40”, 7’40” and 11’50”.  If  you really want to see something impressive, watch the instructor Sean at 13’15” – he’s like a real life Spiderman.  Awesome!

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