Maybe I’m Amazed

I’ve added something to the list, and despite saying I wouldn’t, I’ve had to delete something too.

Firstly, the item I’ve added is to do the maze at Hampton Court.  I’ve wanted to wander around that for years – ideally with a helium balloon on a long string, just because I think that would be funny to view from the outside of the maze – but with or without, that’s one for the summer.

Now, the thing I’ve deleted is “sleeping under the stars”, as I remembered that I have actually already done that.  And as you know this was supposed to be a list of things I’ve never done.  So under those rules I’ve removed it.

Right, off now to find a beauty treatment before Christmas…  one of my ‘one a month’ (Item 8).

I fancy a luxury mani / pedi…



~ by BlobbyJogger on 5 December, 2010.

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