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Hmmm, writing a list of 40 things I’ve never done is actually much harder than I first thought.  Although there are lots of things I’d like to do, I’m not a millionaire nor do I have an infinite amount of free time, so I’ve had to be very considerate about some items.  I’m not trying to limit the list exactly, but I’m aware that time and money do come into this, so I’ve selected things that I feel are plausible options over the next twelve months.  The eagle eyed of you will also notice that the list is also only 36 items long at the moment.  That’s because I have allowed myself 4 things to add throughout the year (one for every decade if you will).

And, rather proudly,  I’ve already completed the first item on the list.

1.       Have fireworks on my birthday

Ok, that is maybe a little bit unfair as I knew when I started the list that I was going to have fireworks on my birthday as I’d already bought them and organised for Debs, Liz and Jude to come around and share the evening with me.  But that has been a dream for years and it’s finally happened.    Growing up, we often had fireworks for my Brothers birthday as his is on 6th Nov, so always linked in nicely with Bonfire Night.  I know we had sparklers on mine, but don’t ever remember a full firework display…  I might be wrong, I’ll have to check with my parents, but I love fireworks and was really happy having them on my 40th!  So, Item 1.  Done!

I’m also not wasting any time in getting going.  I’ve booked and paid for Item 4 on the list.   Have a Colonic.  Set for Jan 21st…   Hmmm, I’m slightly having second thoughts about that now.   But I said no changing the list, and it’s on there so I’m going to have to do it.  Oh, and dear reader, please don’t worry – I’m not going to be posting pictures of everything on the list!

And, to top all that, I am the luckiest girl with the most wonderful wonderful friend, as Liz has said for my birthday present she’s taking me for a weekend in Milan!  How amazing is that?!   So it looks like Item 22 is going to happen too!

All this and I’m only two days into the year.    Wow!

Let’s hope this momentum continues…

~ by BlobbyJogger on 21 November, 2010.

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