About BlobbyJogger

Hello and welcome to BlobbyJogger.  I’m Tracy, nice to meet you…

This website came about at the start of 2009 when I decided to start running – for fun, and with the hope of getting fit!  I started slowly (people could walk faster than I could plod) but with a pair of running shoes, an interval training podcast, and the plan of competing in a 10k race in the Summer of 2009, I wanted to keep notes on just how far I got.

The site evolved and became some mumbling and sometimes grumblings from me about life in general, including my somewhat sporadic plodding escapades, all alongside the next big personal challenge – my 40 for 40 – 40 challenges to do in my 40th year…

Once I’d done all that and caught my breath, I then entered yet another major fitness event – the Walk The Walk MoonWalk in May 2012 – a night-time full Marathon around London wearing just a bra, raising funds for Breast Cancer Awareness, which got me back talking about my blood, sweat and blisters…

Along with writing about my life and the silly stuff I get up to each month, I also include occasional reviews of health and fitness products, places and people – all in keeping with the BlobbyJogger ethos of being fab, fit and fun!  Please  feel free to get in touch if you’ve got something you’d like me to try out or suggest I have a go at … Places to visit, products to test, people to meet, kit to use, classes to attempt etc – seriously all offers are considered, though not all accepted!  My email address is below.

Oh, and just so you know, I’m not a journalist, and I don’t accept money for anything written about on this site.  I usually do a little ‘pink-link’ to the things I’ve done each month, to the places I’ve been, all things that I – in some small way – want to recommend here on BlobbyJogger for you, my readers (simply click on anything pink and it should take you to a fresh new page and website – I’ll still be here loitering in the background).  I don’t get paid or receive any ‘cash back’ for linking to them – I am very lucky and occasionally get free stuff sent to me to test, or reduced rates on places and products – but really I do and try, these things because I think they might be fun.  I hope you might enjoy them, perhaps find inspiration from them, maybe even have a go at them yourself, but at the very least I hope you’ll just have a laugh at them – and me!

Anyway, enjoy!



If you’d like to get in touch – please drop me a line at tracy@blobbyjogger.com

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