It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing…

Starting the month with a bit of culture this time for Item 25, as Debs and I trotted along to Shakespeares Globe to watch a brilliant production of “As You Like It”.  Thankfully we had seats in the slightly covered area of the beautiful open air theatre as a couple of times during the production the heavens opened…  Very glad not to be stood for the very long play, as we watched several people soaked to the skin, hopping from foot to foot having been stood up for so long.  I’ve only seen Shakespeare done a few times, and it always takes me a few minutes to get into the rhythm of the language, but once my ear is tuned, it’s so enjoyable.  We laughed and giggled along with the comedy, and had a very pleasant afternoon.

Of course we didn’t just pootle off home straight away, which would be wrong on a Sunday afternoon; instead we sat and enjoyed a few drinks while waiting for an eBay auction to end.  Not just any auction mind you – this one was to actually auction Debs off for a Dinner Date for Trekstock the charity she’s been raising funds for before she climbs Mount Kenya next month.  What a successful auction it was too – she sold for £780!!!  Thank goodness I don’t have to pay that every time I see her…

Then most of this month has been spent cleaning up dust at home, as I’ve had some lovely chaps in replacing all the windows in my house, which doesn’t sound terribly interesting, but oh the new ones are lovely.  I feel like I need to go up to them from time to time and just gently stroke them, but I don’t as the neighbours would probably wonder what on earth I was up to!  Oh but they are lovely…

I did manage a little more excitement however, by completing Item 30 – Swing on a Flying Trapeze.  Attending lessons for three weeks at Aircraft Circus having bought a Groupon offer earlier in the year (again another fabulous coincidence having written the list in November, Groupon very kindly obliged with a suitable deal in February) and actually I managed to swing quite successfully.  I’m still a bit too blobby to attempt any tricks, but I didn’t do too bad with the swinging.  OK I couldn’t lift my arms for a week afterwards, but it was great fun.  And I even have a couple of iPhone videos to prove it!

Flight number three at my first lesson…

Flight number two at my second lesson… bad take-off… ooofff!

This month my Item 8 took place at my local beauticians, a relaxing bliss facial.  I’m not so sure about the relaxing part when I had to hold a metal rod in one hand while the therapist waved two wands across my face, something that felt like mini electric shock treatment, but my skin was clear and sparkling by the time she finished, so I guess it was a worthwhile form of mini torture, and actually I was very relaxed as I took the three-minute walk back to my house afterwards!

Then, came the final weekend of the month, the start of the Bank Holiday three-day weekend, which is always a treat in itself, but added to this I had the pleasure of Mummy and Daddy on the Saturday to belatedly celebrate Mummy’s birthday.

We started with Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Mason (Item 26) which was delicious.  Mini nibbles and soup, followed by finger sandwiches, clotted cream scones, then as many mini cakes as you can scoff, all washed down with a delicious pot of tea and a glass of champagne.  Part way through the afternoon, the pianist who tinkles gently in the background throughout the day broke into a rendition of Happy Birthday, which was accompanied by a special little cake and candle for Mum handed to her by one of the rather handsome waiters.  We counted five renditions of Happy Birthday while we were there; it’s obviously the place to go for a birthday!

We wandered around the store for a while after our tea, looking at all the lovely gifts and trinkets you could purchase including some very lovely Christmas Crackers, but at £500 for 6, we decided that maybe we’d save buying those for another day.  Instead we jumped in a taxi, Mum thinking we were going home, but actually heading across town to see The Lion King at The Lyceum Theatre (another Item 25, that’s two theatre trips in a month!)

I’ve never really wanted to see The Lion King, which is odd as I love a musical, but for some reason this one has just never appealed. However I knew Mum had mentioned it a while ago and as it was her birthday, I managed to get us some decent tickets.  And you know what, I actually rather enjoyed it.  It is a little self-indulgent in places – I don’t really need to see people pretending to be grass whilst dancing around a stage – but the costumes are superb and the show is very enjoyable.  Sadly, as happens so much in theatre today, the music often overpowered the lyrics, so you knew someone was singing something about something to do with the circle of life, but we weren’t really sure whether it “hooves our mall” or “moves us all”…  Apart from that, jolly good fun.

So, not the busiest of months, but once again lots of planning for upcoming adventures…  Still no mention of Item 2 – whoops!  Maybe next month…

Till the next time


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