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Until yesterday, I really wasn’t all that fussed about the Royal Wedding… Of course I wished the couple all the best, but I had no intention of getting overly excited about the event.  That was until I turned on the television yesterday morning whilst eating my breakfast, only to be thoroughly caught up by the whole thing.  What and who would Catherine be wearing?  Would she get all of Williams’ names in the right order during the vows?  Would Harry behave himself?  And oh my goodness doesn’t Pippa look amazing…!  And that was it, until the Aston Martin left Buckingham Palace with William in the driving seat, I was glued to every single moment, along with the rest of the world!  Whatever you think about the Royal Family, I do hope they’ll be very happy together.

Meanwhile back in North London, my own plans on the 40 for 40 list have been coming along.  After the long weekend in Paris, March finished quietly.  Dinner with Jude, a home-cooked supper with Liz, and another chorus of Happy Birthday sung to my eldest niece Devon celebrating her 7th Birthday, before April began and brought with it some amazing weather!

I was supposed to have started April with my monthly treat, but unfortunately the appointment had to be postponed and rearranged for another day.  However the weekend was still fantastic as having moved into her new flat at the very end of Feb, Debs had me round for dinner.  With boxes now unpacked and pictures up on the walls, and with a balcony overlooking all of London from the very top of Highgate, her new place is charming.  I hope it’s going to be a wonderful and happy home for her for the coming year.

The following weekend I was once again all ready for the monthly treat having rebooked, only to have it postponed once more!  Hmmm, not great!  Instead I raced round to Paddy Power to put a bet on the horses in the Grand National.  One of my 40 for 40 things this, as I’ve never stepped foot in a betting shop before, let alone put a bet on.  After some careful research (ie asking someone at work what horse they suggested and being thrust a copy of The Sun newspaper) I decided to go ‘each way’ with my chosen few, and put £5 each on Ballabriggs, Oscar Time and Don’t Push it.  I came home thinking that was the last I’d see of my money, and settled in to have a cuppa with my neighbour Linda, enjoying the glorious afternoon sunshine in the garden, catching up on the gossip from the neighbourhood and generally having a good old natter.  Only when I returned home at 7pm did I find I’d backed the first three horses to come in!  Beginners luck most certainly.  Those winnings were swiftly invested in another 40 for 40 item as after spending over 6 hrs in the online queue trying to get tickets, I’ll be heading to the Royal Opera House in the summer to see Madam Butterfly.  I’ve pre-ordered the Champagne…

Mid-month I was invited by Debs to join her at the Shorditch House Literary Salon – and with the promise of a free G’n’T and slice of pizza I was very happy to accept.  Sadly that was pretty much the only good thing about the evening.  As several broadsheets and magazines had plugged the thing so much it was absolutely packed the rafters, which in itself is usually a good thing, sadly it was packed with people that really weren’t interested in the topics being discussed and were obviously slightly the worse for wear from one too many free drinks.  Stood at the back, we were unable to hear most of what was being said, whilst also being pushed about by someone who thought himself very important, so we waited for the pizza, had a quick slice and took our leave, heading to the pub instead.  I won’t tell you that we were a little bit naughty before leaving, trying to get access to a loo that we shouldn’t have been allowed to use… but let’s just say being overweight and a little bit bloated sometimes has it’s advantages!

The following evening I went to a seminar with Jude about Product Placement and how it’s going to affect the TV industry now that it is allowed.  Rather badly organised, starting over 30 mins late, and with a speaker that used too much jargon, another coughing loudly into the microphone, and PowerPoint presentations that weren’t clear or readable, it wasn’t a fantastic success, although some of it was very interesting.  I don’t think it’ll affect the programmes I work on for some time, but good to know all the same.  The Pear Cider, mini sausages and chicken skewers they event organisers provided were delicious however.

Talking of Product Placement, a couple of weeks ago I was approached by the very nice people at Trion:Z to see if I’d like to test out one of their ionic and magnetic therapy Dual Loop Bracelets.  Being someone that prefers natural and complimentary health options where possible, I was intrigued to see if wearing this rather sporting accessory would actually make me feel more energised and able to train better (oh yes, the plodding is still ongoing, along with some boxing training and general workouts with my trainer).  Having measured my wrist and picked the colours I’d like (I went for a large white and pink one) it arrived the very next day.  After wearing the bracelet for two weeks – and having done a couple of sessions without it – I do think there was a bit of a difference.  Now I’m not a top athlete, in fact I’m far from it, but after cycling to and from work, doing a full on hour long workout with some boxing with my trainer, all following a busy week in the office, I still felt happy and bouncy and had a spring in my step at the end of the week.  I can’t say it has shaved any time off my plodding (or made it any more enjoyable) or made my boxing any better, but it certainly hasn’t done any harm.  Unfortunately I can’t wear the Trion:Z bracelet all day every day as it’s not really smart enough for work, but I’ll certainly slip it on whenever I’m able, and hope that I can still benefit from its powers.

Heading to the end of the month and three shorter working weeks with the double Bank Holiday weekends, I invited Ma & Pa to come and stay for the Easter weekend.  With the sun continuing to shine we took to work in the garden, cutting down several shrubs that had become trees, and two Ivy plants that had taken over nearly half of the garden.  Ten bags of chopped up foliage now sit in the front garden waiting for the Brown Bin Recycling men to come and take it all away next week.  All this work is in preparation for a bit of fancy landscaping either later in the summer or early next spring when I hope to get a patio put in so that I can enjoy the late evening sunshine at the end of the garden.  Ma and Pa were on very good form, laughing and joking whilst we chopped and chopped and chopped and chopped…

And that brings us back to today, the last day of the month.  Very shortly my monthly treat begins – rebooked and absolutely going ahead.  A two hour organic pampering package including full body exfoliation and massage – all in my own home – from the Organic Treatment Company so I expect to be totally zen and blissed out later this evening.  And I can’t wait…

‘Till the next time…


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