Juneathon Days 17 to 23

Whoops, I seem to have gone a week without updating everyone on my Juneathon exploits.  I could claim it’s because I’ve been so busy getting fitter by the second that I just haven’t had time to update you all, but I’m afraid it comes down to laziness on my part.  I haven’t been totally lazy however.

Day 17, I spent the day travelling around London visiting various TV and photo studios trying to find a suitable location to use for the new show I’m working on.  In between wandering around corridors, dashing to the tube, running for the bus and eating the jammie dodgers that one studio had very kindly gone out and bought especially for me to go with the cup of tea they offered me, I walked for about two hours in total, 30mins of that in go to the ‘nearest’ tube… a 30min walk is not “near”!  It’s not all glam in TV you know…

Day 18, I’m afraid I fell off the Juneathon wagon on Day 18.  My friend Debs (officially the 6th member of Coldplay – she’ll hate me for saying that but it is true) was in London to meet her publisher, do some Coldplay stuff, and catch up with a few friends, so we enjoyed a HUGE Nando’s lunch.  I did intend to walk home, or at least part of it, but ended up just about making it to the bus stop.  Oh dear!

Day 19, I didn’t fare much better on day 19.  I was chained to my desk all day, then had a bit of a family crisis to deal with in the evening, which turned out not to be a crisis at all but by the time I’d realised that it was dark and I couldn’t be bothered to find the hi-viz stuff to go for a plod.  I ordered a pizza instead.  Does walking to the phone to order it, and going to the front door to collect it count towards Juneathon?  No? Oh…

Day 20, One wander to the shops to get milk.  And lots of sofa duty.  Failed again!

Day 21, A more positive attitude, plus some sunshine got me up and about for gardening duty today.  Cut the grass, edged it as well, dug the back bit over to get the weeds out, planted some plants, then walked to the Tesco Metro to get salad for dinner – and that’s further away than the Sainsbury’s Local, so went out of my way for today’s Juneathon.  Yay me!

Day 22, Determined to bring this back to plodding which was the original plan for this blog, I managed a quick plod after work.  Only a super quick 15min, so nothing to shout about, but done none the less.  (I don’t have the distance details with me today, does round the block really count?,  but will update this all later, just in case anyone other than my conscience is paying attention).

Day 23, Finally the bike saddle has dried out, and sitting on it doesn’t result in a rather squelchy damp area that shouldn’t necessarily be squelchy or damp, so I found the hi-viz vest, strapped on my helmet and bicycled to work.  It is apparently 5.3miles via the cycle routes, plus i’ve got the return journey, so that will be 10.6miles by the end of the day.  Hooray.  I feel very virtuous, and rather smug at doing the first proper bit of exercise for ages. 

Tomorrow I plan a plod in the morning as a friend has agreed to come with, which will be a nice change…. that’s is of course assuming I manage to get out of bed – hmmmm, we’ll see….

‘Till the next time…


~ by BlobbyJogger on 23 June, 2009.

One Response to “Juneathon Days 17 to 23”

  1. Yes – I’m paying attention!!!

    I didn’t update my distance details either yesterday, because all this Juneathoning has clearly tired me out so much I couldn’t possibly get up and walk across the room to plug my Garmin in and get the stats! Lazy? Moi?

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