Juneathon – Day 7

Today, being a Sunday, I decided that I would take it easy and do something that wasn’t plod related, and quite frankly I didn’t really fancy leaving the house, so decided to try something inside that I’ve not done before – Yoga.  Yoga

Some years ago I bought a DVD “Yoga for Dummies” but I’ve never actually tried it – yes, it was of those purchases that seems like a good idea at the time but actually was just a waste of money.   Now, I’ve only ever tried Yoga once before on a holiday, and found it really rather difficult.  Not only could I not get into any of the poses and found myself bobbing and wobbling all over the place trying not to fall over, but I continually forgot to breathe so ended up blue in the face too – hardly relaxing or therapeutic. 

Anyway, with the threat of being called a Slacker if I didn’t do something today, the “Yoga for Dummies” DVD was dusted off and popped into the machine.  The Yoga Mat was found in the cellar, the curtains were closed to stop any nosy neighbours having a good laugh at my expense create a relaxing atmosphere, and I removed all furniture from the room that had a sharp corner, and got the oxygen mask ready…

All in all, it wasn’t too bad.  To be honest, the poses weren’t that strenuous or difficult, but I guess that’s what beginners Yoga is all about…  and with the helpful reminders from the lady on the DVD, I remembered to breathe!  Hmmm, I might do that DVD again… Hang on though, does that really make me a “Dummie”?  Actually, don’t answer that!

So, Day 7 – a nice and easy 45min Yoga practice with 12 basic poses.  Done.

Till the next time…  Namaste.


~ by BlobbyJogger on 7 June, 2009.

One Response to “Juneathon – Day 7”

  1. It is difficult to maintain the motivation doing yoga at home – so well done for the 45 minutes

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