Juneathon – Day 5

Work, home, run, done.

Feeling strangely tired today (after all the excitement of yesterday I expect) so decided to take things easy.  Started off this morning with what I hope will be my last trip to the Osteopath for a while.  Seems I’m all back in alignment, fighting fit and ready to go – horrah! 

So, waddled into work and did what I had to do (which wasn’t very much luckily), jumped on the bus home, and went for a very quick plod.  I wasn’t really feeling up to much, plus there is the call of left over Chinese to munch on, so did a quick 2.86km / 1.78miles in 25.54 including walk warm-up and cool down.  Will attempt something more impressive over the weekend.  Right now, I’m heading for the sofa and remote control.

Till the next time…


~ by BlobbyJogger on 5 June, 2009.

One Response to “Juneathon – Day 5”

  1. Great work 🙂 Thanks for the comments, the small persons loving Juneathon this year.

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