Juneathon – Day 4

Wow, what a day.  Seriously, what a day!  It has included voting, dashing, dancing, skipping, running,  jumping, walking, and deep breathing!  Let me explain…

After yesterdays wonderful assult on the world at silly o’clock, I decided to give myself a break this morning and not get up until the normal time.  However normal time still managed to be a bit late so I had to dash to the bus stop to make it to work on time…  whoops!  Anyway, at midday I received the best news I’ve had in two years (yes, two whole years) that my old flat that I’ve been trying (and rather annoyingly failing) to sell, had finally sold.  Exchanged and completed, money transferred, I never have to think about the blasted place again, SOLD!  I won’t go into the reasons that it’s taken two years, but just be warned if you are an Estate Agent, stay well clear of me for a while as you are not my favourite brand of lying cheating lying miserable lying lazy lying useless lying idiot lying with lots and lots of swear words that I can’t type here as children might be reading but include one that starts with the letter f and end in uckwit and another that starts with the letter w and ends in anker person right now!  Anyway, at the news that finally the place was no longer my responsiblity I jumped up from my desk and did the Snoopy dance

Snoopy Dancing

So overjoyed and relieved was I, that I then skipped to M&S to buy a celebratory cake for me and my colleagues (one of whom was also celebrating a birthday, so there was a valid excuse) which we gobbled joyously.

One thing I forgot however was that I still had all the keys to said flat, so had to run after work to the bus stop to get to the Estate Agent to hand them over, at which point I jumped for joy in the knowledge that I no longer had two mortgages and two sets of bills to pay, and decided to walk home, past my old flat to give it one final goodbye before letting out a deep breath of relief.  PHEW!  Oh, and I voted.

Anyway, I’ll be adding these various forms of exercise to my Juneathonometer™, (OK, voting might not count) although some of you more hard core Juneathoners, particularly the ones doing real stuff today like the Crisis Square Mile, may choose just to include my 2.38 mile walk home.  Whatever!!! 

I’m going to celebrate now with a Chinese Takeaway…    Well, no-one said Juneathon had to be a calorie counting exercise too….!!! 

’till the next time…


~ by BlobbyJogger on 4 June, 2009.

5 Responses to “Juneathon – Day 4”

  1. Never mind proper races Snoopy dancing in the polling booth would definitely get you extra Juneathon points.

  2. I think if Juneathon was a calorie counting exercise too, I’d be a clear winner this week!!!

  3. Sounds like a great day, I think skipping to M&S has to be included for all Juneathoners. Mines about 5 miles away!

  4. Chinese takeaway and cake should be the official Juneathon food. I’ll add it to the list for next year.

  5. Calorie counting?! Bugger that!

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