Juneathon – Day 2

Mornings are not my favourite time of day, as illustrated yesterday by the alarm / snooze cycle, and sadly repeated again this morning.  Full of beans (not literally of course) after yesterdays plod, I thought I might entertain the idea of getting up early this morning to try and get another gentle plod in before work.  I didn’t.  Instead I slept soundly until it was time to get up and get to work. 

So, all day I’ve had the dilemma of deciding what kind of exercise would be acceptable to include in todays Juneathon.  I came up with walking.  OK, it’s not exactly original, but you see, usually when I’m working in Soho as I am for the rest of this month, I tend to hop on the 73 bus to get home.  It’s practically door to door and is so convenient I feel it would be rude to the workers of TFL to ignore their hard work each day providing a service to the inhabitants of our great City of London.  Either that or I’m just plain lazy.  But today, with sun shining and wearing relatively sensible shoes for a change, I decided to walk home.  Yes, you read correctly.  Walk home.  All 7.65km of walking home to be exact.  I say exact, that’s a calculation from mapmyrun.com as I didn’t have the fancy Garmin with me to be 100% accurate, but it’s there or thereabouts.  And that 7.65km took me 1hr 10mins.  Which is roughly 9.08min/km.  Or 379 calories in real money.

But once home I felt guilty.  Surely I can’t really include walking  as part of Juneathon so early on in the month, so I decided to join some other brave Juneathoners with the press up / sit up challenge. 

Big mistake. 

I forgot I’ve got a dodgy shoulder, so could only manage 15 press ups (although they were of the proper feet on the floor flavour rather than the girly knee type press ups) before my left arm collapsed underneath me, and a very poor 20 sit ups.  I’m going to blame the lack of sit ups on the fact that I was forced to eat a slice of cake at 5.30pm so my stomach was still full at the time of sit up testing.  Forced I tell you, I was forced!


Tomorrow I really do plan to get up early and go for a plod…  third time lucky right?

‘Till the next time…


~ by BlobbyJogger on 2 June, 2009.

2 Responses to “Juneathon – Day 2”

  1. Well done on the walk. I ened up walking most of the way on my run today not a good idea in this heat 🙂

  2. I am quite impressed that even with a dodgy shoulder you managed 15 regular-style instead of wimpy-style pressups. I’m still doing wimpy style and will do so until I finish this challenge, at which point I will start all over with regular ones, and then maybe I’ll start all over again with crazy funky ones from fitsugar.com. But you’re already well ahead of the game!

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