Dah da da dah de da de da da…

Dah da da dah de da de da da…  Get ready to hear that being hummed a lot, as tomorrow it will be everywhere,  Yes, it’s the London Marathon.  A huge GOOD LUCK to everyone running, I shall be watching and cheering every single person of the 35,000 expected runners, but particularly those wearing green bibs from my chosen charity, the NSPCC’s Team Go.  Go Team!!!

My convalescence hopfully ends on Monday after one final trip to the osteopath following ‘gardengate’.  Fingers crossed I’ll be given the thumbs up and I’ll be able to strap on the fancy Garmin, plug in the iPlod and once again start plodding the streets.   I’m not doing the London 10000 anymore as I’m now 5 weeks behind training, but am looking for a race later in the year so will continue in my plan of becoming Britains Next Top Plodder.


Until then, altogether now…  Dah da da dah de da de da da… 


~ by BlobbyJogger on 25 April, 2009.

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