Almost There

I made a 2nd attempt at the 25 min plod yesterday.  And I almost managed it, but I came to a slow splutter at 22 mins / 2.56km.  Grrrrr!  Just three minutes away from success – how frustrating!

No calf problems.  No achy hips (gosh that makes me sound like I’m an OAP!).  No problems at all other than just generally running out of puff at 22mins.   Like my Blogroll friend ShunningRunning so beautifully described a few weeks ago – I got a runners puncture!



Still, on the positive, that’s the longest plod I’ve ever done so I haven’t given up hope yet.  It was partly stupidity too… instead of just keeping on keeping on, I looked at the fancy Garmin to see how well I was doing.  Big mistake!  I should have just kept plodding until the bing bing bing told me to stop.  Won’t be making that mistake again…

Now, as you know, up till now I’ve been using the Ruth Maddox style Pod Runner Intervals Podcasts, but I’m getting a bit bored of the techno techno techno music, so, I spent this morning making a new mix as from now on there is no more walk / plod / walk / plod in the training programme, it’s all warm up / plod for a long time / warm down.  From now on, instead of listening to boring beats that really don’t help pass the time as they are just soooo repetitive and the whole plod starts to feel like Groundhog Day, I’ve put together some of the campest tracks I can find and have made a groovin’ mix for my iPlod using the fantastic MixMeister programme.  MixMeister is brilliant, suddenly you can turn into a superstar DJ in the comfort of your own home as the programme automatically works out the BPM of each track you choose and will mix them into each other with either a long or short mix so that you have a seamless mix of tuuuunes.  I’ve gone for some cheesy pop to start with, so I’ll see how I get on with that tomorrow… on my third attempt at the full 25 mins.

Officially, I’m now a week behind in training, having had two DNF’s, but I’m still positive that I’ll be able to do the BUPA London 10000 at the end of May – that’s as long as I don’t get any more punctures! 


Till the next time…


I’m running the Bupa London 10000 on 25th May for NSPCC – please sponsor me by clicking on the Just Giving logo below.



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~ by BlobbyJogger on 14 March, 2009.

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