Running To Stand Still

Oh Pants, Poop and Parp…  I had my first set back today, and abandoned a plod part way through.  Sigh.


The plan for Week 6, Day 3, said five minute warm up followed by a 25min plod (without stops) then 4 min warm down.  I set out with all good intention, although I will admit I have been avoiding this particular plod for several days as the thought of doing 25 mins without stopping has kind of had me a little spooked, but after receiving some great new this morning (yes, I shall be back in the land of the washed from Monday starting work on a new programme for MTV!) I pulled on my left and right socks – yes I have special padded plodding socks that actually have a little L and R on them so that they go on the correct feet – and set off to the park.  iPlod in pocket.  Garmin on wrist.  25 min plod, here I come.  Except I didn’t.


The warm up bit was OK, but as soon as I started the plod proper, my legs didn’t feel quite right.  Both calf muscles were really tight, so I started slowly letting them ease their way out gently before hitting my comfortable plodding stride (around 8min/km or 6.6km per hour) and to begin with all was OK, but by the time I had gone most of the way around one circuit of the park and up the hill, they were really rather sore and then my right hip started aching slightly too.  Now I know everyone say ‘no pain, no gain’ but I’m having none of that.  I say ‘pain equals problems’ so I decided to stop the plod rather than push myself too hard, and walked slowly gently home.  I think part of my head was telling me I couldn’t do the plod it as I’d worked it up into such a big ‘thing’ but on the other hand, better safe than sorry.  If I’m going to do this 10k in May then I need to make sure I don’t get injured or strain anything that shouldn’t be strained.


Anyway, despite cutting the plod short, I still managed a full 15 minutes and 14 seconds at full plod power, which covered 1.85km, so although I’m slightly cross with myself, I’m not going to give myself too much of a hard time.  I’ll do some extra stretching today and try again tomorrow.


‘Till the next time…





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~ by BlobbyJogger on 10 March, 2009.

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