Shoot the Dog

The plodding continues. 

Wednesday saw me start week 6 of training, plodding for just under 2 miles or 3.2 km!  I actually felt quite good at the end, helped by the fact that my spirits were uplifted when I saw Ninja Warrior Man was back in the park.  He’s been M.I.A. since Valentines Day so it was nice to see him back out and about with his trousers in his socks again, doing his Tai Chi Ninja stuff. 

Friday’s plod didn’t start too well though.  Just as I entered the park, a big black Alsatian dog trotted past me then turned a tried to bite my hand off…  I totally screamed like a big girl and am happy to admit that it scared the life out of me.  


Now I am a dog lover, but being attacked for no apparent reason was terrifying.  The dog owner looked a little petrified too…and was very quick to tell the dog off (not sure the dog really understood though, it didn’t look like it spoke English) and I think the owner thought I would call the police and perhaps I should have done but I was so shocked I just wanted to get away from the beast, and ended up plodding faster than I’ve ever done before!  All that adrenaline pushed me forward to do 2.26 miles / 3.63 km.  That said, I don’t want that happening every time I go out for a plod thank you very much! 

I should have gone back out again today, but on Friday evening my boiler broke (again!) so I’ve no heating or hot water (again!!), and as great as it would be to go out for a 25min plod (that’s the next goal), I don’t want to come back all hot and sweaty and have to take a cold shower (again!!!), so I’m staying in, tucked up under a “biddy” blanket instead (again!!!!).  Boiler Man should be here in the morning to sort me out (!!!!!), so I’ll plod once that is done. Probably.


Till the next time



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~ by BlobbyJogger on 8 March, 2009.

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