Another one bites the dust

Another week, another three plods complete.   I’m up to five mins at a time now which I have to admit I never thought I would be able to do…  just shows! 

The park is starting to look beautiful too which really helps me to stop thinking about how out of puff I am during every plod, wondering just how long it is until I can stop the plodding and do some gentle walking instead.  In the last two days alone, all the pretty crocuses have poked their blue and yellow heads out out, and it looks like the Daffodils are about to bloom within the next few days too.   It strange that these things come to life so quickly when you think that just a couple of weeks ago we had six inches of snow covering everything and the City came to a total standstill.  Mother Nature needs a pat on the back.  I even saw a Woodpecker in the garden this morning.  Spring has definitely sprung.

Anyway this week I’ve plodded 11.03km on the walk/run training, that’s 6.85 miles for those of you working in old money.  And according to the fancy Garmin, I’ve worked off an additional 700 calories.  Oh, that is a bit disappointing.  I thought this plodding lark was supposed to be an amazing fat burner…  hmmm.  So if it’s just 700 calories, that means I could eat one Big Mac with Cheese and not feel guilty.  Just one???  After all that hard work I want fries and a milkshake too.  Oh well.   Guess I’ll just to have keep on plodding.



Till the next time…




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~ by BlobbyJogger on 20 February, 2009.

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