Keeps Gettin’ Better…

Ah, Monday mornings.  As it’s half term here in the UK, and Presidents Day in the US, quite a lot of people would have had a lie in today…  I would have liked the same, but the recycling and dustbin men come around on a Monday morning and obviously take great joy in making as much noise as they possibly can by banging and smashing all the bins about at 7am right outside my window.  I’m sure they take all the roads worth of rubbish and decide to sort it at the front of my house on purpose. Grrr!  Anyway, managed to snooze for a while once they’d gone and then eventually stuck my toes out of bed around 10.30, spent a couple of hours on the ‘puter sorting out a few things, Tweeting, Facebooking and paying a couple of bills, then went for a plod.



It was the first day of the next stage in the training, going from the 90 seconds and three minute intervals and on to the three mins and five mins intervals.  Now the three minutes last week nearly killed me so I wasn’t too sure that I’d manage the five minutes section today, but thought I’d give it a try and would see just how far I got.  Well imagine my surprise when I managed the five mins without too much trouble.  OK, I’ll admit that people walking their dogs are still overtaking me, but still, I can plod for 5 mins without stopping or running out of puff.  *pats herself on back*  Hmmm, I wonder if you can actually really ever run out of puff?  


No sign of Ninja Warrior Man today which was a shame.  Perhaps he’s taking half term week off…



‘till the next time





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~ by BlobbyJogger on 16 February, 2009.

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