Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

It might be 4° outside but it was jolly freezing inside when I got up this morning.  Having had the boiler serviced on Monday, it’s been making a strange squeaking noise since then, until this morning when it made no noise at all, and didn’t work.  I got very technical with it, and whacked it on the side a couple of times, swore a lot, and *tah-dah*, it seemed to do the trick.  So I went off for a plod looking forward to the fact that the house would be nice and toasty when I got back home. 

I set off with the iPlod, gloves and jacket and the Ruth Maddox podcast and headed off in the direction of the park to plod my way around.  Not as many people out there today which was great, although the strange man doing a sort of tai chi zen karate meditation type thing was in the corner again…  I say strange because he is there every day, come rain or shine, 7 days a week, ALL DAY!  Seriously, he just waves his hands around chopping at imaginary things, with his trousers tucked in his sock and a big thick sheepskin coat on, puffing breath out in that “ffffooosss”  kind of way…  Someone the other day thought he might be some kind of Ninja Warrior, but I’m a bit too scared to go up and ask him…

Anyway, plodded around the park, enjoying the sunshine, but not enjoying the ice patches and puddles…  I didn’t realise the new trainers weren’t quite watertight on the top, so spent the last 10mins with a soggy right foot.   Yuk!

Finally Ruth Maddox played her xylophone for the final time, so I wandered home.  It’s not really Ruth Maddox, oh, but wouldn’t it be good if it was?  You see every time the pace changes in the Podcast, from walk to jog, or jog to walk, there is a little “bing bing bing”, either going up in tune to get faster, or “bing bing bing” down, to go slower.  It sounds exactly like Gladys Pugh from Hi-De-Hi when she used to make her “Hi-de-hi Campers” announcements.  Makes me smile every time…

Anyway, got home, did my stretching (so that my legs will still move tomorrow) and realised that the house was still cold.  My great technical achievement hadn’t worked after all, and the boiler was still not working.  So I called British Gas out to come and fix it…  Well they broke it, they can fix it!  I’m going to hide under the duvet until they arrive….


‘Till the next time…





**UPDATE**  The nice man from British Gas came and “oiled my bearings” as apparently that was my problem…  he doesn’t know how close to the truth he was!  Have heat now, but still staying snuggled under the duvet – without the British Gas man in case you’re wondering! 

~ by BlobbyJogger on 12 February, 2009.

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