Back In The Saddle…

I did it…!  I finally managed to drag my sorry state out of the house, away from the computer, Facebook and Twitter, and went out for a run.  Bravo me!  You see, when I got up today the sun was shining, the sky was blue, there were just a few lovely white fluffy clouds to be seen (the ones that look like cotton wool balls), the snow had all melted, the spring bulbs are breaking through and the snowdrops are about to bloom and I thought what a wonderful day!  That happy thought quickly changed to oh heck I’m going to have to get my shoes on and go for a run.  Ugh!  From Disney’s Cinderella to the Wicked Witch in two seconds. 


So, armed with the iPlod, the fancy Garmin, the running shoes and a new running jacket (well it’s longer than a sweatshirt so keeps my bottom from getting cold – and there’s a lot of bottom that gets cold!) off I went.  The Garmin located the satellites, the Heart Rate Monitor located the Garmin, my fingers located the iPlod play button and my feet located the pavement, off I set with a spring in my step and a smile on my face…. along with everyone else in my neck of the wood so it would seem!  I’ve never seen so many people puffing and shuffling around the park…  Either lots of people have started their new year resolutions in February, or they all decided to come out and humiliate me as they each streamed past my sorry blob, jogging around, all of them super fast and super fit.  Humph!   


Anyway, I managed the run (3.51km, 32.05mins, Av.Pace 9.08km/min and 209 calories (just 209 calories, is that all!?)) and that included two – count them – TWO x three minute runs.  That’s the most I’ve run since coming last in the 400m at middle school!   Do I get a prize now?  No?  Oh…  Well, in that case, I’ll have to have a cuppa tea and a hot cross bun.  Yum!




‘Till the next time…



~ by BlobbyJogger on 7 February, 2009.

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