Gym’ll Fix It?

OK, so now that Mummy is home and on the mend (hopefully) and the snow is nearly all melted, I’ve run out of excuses for not going out running, so I joined the gym today, but when I got my membership card (and after I had handed over my first months money) I was told that I can’t use the place till Monday!  Apparently it’s so that they can show me how the machines work in a “supervised induction”.  Now, I realise Health and Safety is important, but seriously? I’ve got to wait 5 days before I can use the place but they’re still taking my money…?  I’m sooooo not happy about that.  I’m not stupid, I’ve used a gym before, and really I only want to use the treadmill, so what’s the problem?  If you go too fast, you’ll fly off the back… simple!  Then to add further insult, the photo they snapped on the cr*ppy webcam and then put on my membership card is really really really atrocious.  I soo should have insisted on photo approval before the man snapped my picture…  Don’t they know who I am!?!?  Grrrr…   

Anyway, I’ve booked my “supervised induction” for Monday, so until then I shall continue to keep warm indoors dressed like Hugh Heffner and shall stay in my pj’s all day!  So there!


‘till the next time


~ by BlobbyJogger on 5 February, 2009.

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