Things were going so well…  I was all set to start my training in earnest last week, and then my poor Mummy slipped over and broke her hip in two places.  So I’ve been staying at my parents place for a few days cleaning, cooking, ironing etc (more than I do in my own home!) trying to help out a little until she gets back on her feet – which could be a long while.  Poor thing!  Anyway all that means I haven’t been out on any runs for nearly two weeks and today I woke up to find six inches of snow on the ground.  Now as great as going out for a run is, I’m not running in six inches of snow – I’ll likely end up in the hospital with a broken hip if I do – so instead I settled for nipping out to the back garden and making a snowman instead. 

OK, not much of a snowman I’ll admit, but it was really cold and my fingers went numb so I went back inside and make a cuppa instead.  However with the magic of Microsoft Paint, you can see what I was trying to do…





 I’ll join the gym tomorrow and use the treadmills.  For today – I’m staying tucked up in the warm.


‘Till the next time…



~ by BlobbyJogger on 2 February, 2009.

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