Oh me oh my…

The countdown begins… From today I have just 18 weeks to get going.  I’m in.  I have confirmation.  I am officially entered into the Bupa London 10000 on 25th May.  Oh my, what have I let myself in for…?

Ok, so I know you’re sitting there saying, well actually 18 weeks is quite a long way away.  Yeah, well it might sound like quite a lot, but if you know me, you’ll know that I can easily spend that much time (and probably more) sitting in front of the computer reading celebrity gossip.  And now I can’t.  I’ve got to leave the comfort of my lovely big red office chair to go out and do some running.  Also, as  the most I’ve run so far is 2mins at a time, 10k could take quite a while….  Whoops!

So, to help me on my way, I’ve carefully spent 5 days in front of the computer getting lots of very helpful information together.  And I have some fancy new New Balance Running Shoes  (half price from Runners Need – result! – just because they are “last season”, like that bothers me….  actually it did for a while as who wants to be “last season”, but then I was shown “this season” and I didn’t like the colours so I’m actually quite happy being last season…  at least I’ll look like less of a newbie runner, well, I will once they aren’t quite so shiny white), And I have an iPlod Snuffle  (Another result… it looks like a real iPod Shuffle, but it isn’t – it’s some cheap rip off, but apart from the fact it’s a pain in the whatsit to load it up with tuuuuunes because it doesn’t work with iTunes, it actually isn’t bad for fifteen quid and as I clip it onto my waist band which no one can see because of my enormous muffin top, no one will know it’s an iPlod and not an iPod anyway, so there!) And I have a borrowed fancypants Garmin Forerunner 305    (I know!  Get me with my fancy gadget!  Shame I’ve got to give it back after the race…)  And I’ve downloaded every episode of the PodRunner Intervals ‘Couch to 5k’ and ‘Freeway to 10k’ techno techno techno training programme thingies from iTunes for FREE, along with every possible variation of training programme I can find on the internet.  So I’m all set to go…

Now, if I can just find some piece of kit that will get out of bed, put the running shoes on and go and do the runs from me I’ll be laughing….  sadly, I haven’t managed to locate one yet.  I can’t understand why Amazon doesn’t sell them…  they’ve got everything else on there including Davina’s Superbody …Davina - Super Body Workout [2008]Oooh now, do you think that comes in a Size 16?


‘Till the next time…

~ by BlobbyJogger on 20 January, 2009.

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